Magnetic Island is a World Heritage Island located right in the Great Barrier Reef. In June 1770, as Captain James Cook sailed pass the island in the Endeavour, he noticed the ship's compass behaving erratically. He thought that these anomalies were caused by magnetic interferences from the rocks on the island, and thus named the island as "Magnetical Isle”. It is now known that the island did not cause any interference on Captain's compass, but the attractive name (which is changed to Magnetic Island) remains.

The nearest mainland town, Townsville is about 8km away. The island's longitude is 147E and latitude is 19S. The island is approximately 52 square km, 11km wide. The highest point is Mt Cook at 497m.

Over half of Magnetic Island is protected national park with open eucalypt woodlands in most areas, hoop pines rainforest at the rocky granite headlands, and rainforests in the valley. There is an abundance of wildlife which includes Koalas, Rock Wallabies and Possums. There is also a large number of bird species on the island. The national parks are also served by 24km of bushwalking trails.

Magnetic Island has 23 unspoilt, pristine bay and beaches. Some beaches, for example those near the 4 residential bays, are easily accessible by foot. Other beaches can be reached via walking trails or via boat. Accompanying these picturesque bay and beaches is Magnetic Island's splendid weather. The island has an average of 300 sunny cloud-free days per year with temperature ranging 13-24 degree celsius min to 25-32 degree celsius max. During the 'wet' season of November to April/May, it is important to follow the safe swimming rules signs posted on the island.

The permanent population of Magnetic Island is approximately 2500, with 4 main residential towns, Nelly Bay, Picnic Bay, Arcadia Bay and Horseshoe Bay. The island has a bus service that goes to every bay. Many visitors however get around by renting a mini moke, topless car, hiring a water taxi or via the very healthy option of a riding a pushbike.

Things to do on Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island is a wonderful place to relax and have fun . Whether it's on land, on the water, or under the water, Magnetic Island has it all.

Go jetsking around the Island, visit tropical bays via sea kayak or sailing boat.

Or dive on one of the top five dive wrecks in the world, the Ss Yongala, home to one of the greatest concentration of marine life in the world.

Or go bushwalking and try to spot the drunken koalas resting on a tree branch

Or just chill out, relax and simply enjoy the peaceful and calm tropical atmosphere.

Myra's Place provides pushbikes (without charges) for your convenience to easily get round the island to enjoy your various activities.

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